Brand Ambassador

Zeus and Zoa is looking for Brand Ambassadors to join their team! As a brand ambassador, you will get access to special perks, $15 credit towards your first order, a unique 25% discount code for yourself and your friends/family/followers, an invitation to our ambassador Facebook group group, networking opportunities, exclusive giveaways, store credit, freebies, a reference and much more. Every ambassador accepted will receive a "Ambassador Package", consisting of our cards, stickers and possibly even more goodies & surprises (sorry, only US ambassadors can get an "Ambassador Package)! We also host ambassador-exclusive giveaways and networking opportunities in our private group! We love to give our ambassadors support on their social media accounts and feature them on our accounts or website to show our appreciation. You can even write us down on your resume or on your linked-in profile, we would be more than happy to give a reference for one of our ambassadors if asked! Our best ambassadors will even get discounts & freebies (You get a $10 credit for each order placed using your unique discount code on top of everything else)!

We are looking for girls who are motivated, dedicated and passionate about fashion. Zeus and Zoa girls are up-to-date with the latest trends, but also love to showcase their own individual and unique styles. Instead of judging by follower count, we look for engaged influencers who fit with our brand and team. You do not have to have bought anything from us before to be accepted and you never have to make a purchase to be a part of this program. As long as you are an active ambassador (posting something for us at least once a month), you can remain in the program! Once you are accepted into the team, you will receive more in-depth information to become fully prepared for your new role! To apply, fill out the form below with this necessary information or send it to and make sure to follow @zeusandzoa on all the social media platforms that you use! 

1. Why do you want to be a Zeus and Zoa brand ambassador?

2. Why do you like our brand? What do you like about our shop/boutique?

3. Describe yourself and your style. 

4. Tell us any social media profiles that you have so we can check that you are following us and follow you back if you are accepted into the program!

Copy and paste this into your application and fill it out (if you don't have one, please leave it blank):








5. Feel free to add in any experience that you feel is relevant!